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Sour Curd Bonda

If you're looking for variety and Arya Vysya recipes, Archana Gupta has got you covered! With over 100 unique recipes in different styles, flavors, and cuisines to choose from, you'll never run out of options.

Sour Curd Bonda / Huli mosaru bonda:


Huli mosaru / sour curd – 1 cup

Maida – 1 cup

Rice flour - 1/4 cup

Paste of green chilies - 10

Soaked chana dal - 3tbsp.

Chopped coriander - 3tbsps

Chopped curry leaves - 3tbsps

Baking soda a pinch



How to prepare:

Mix all the above ingredients with curds and deep fry in oil till it turns golden brown (Do not add water mix only with curd).

Sour curd bonda / Huli mosaru bonda is ready.

Goes well with coconut chutney / green chutney. Makes a perfect snack for your evenings.

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