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A group of like-minded entrepreneurs thriving to bring betterment in our community has established WeVysya.

WeVysya is network of business professionals helps each other in our community to succeed in their establishment. We provide platform to professionals to introduce their Products and Services to larger group and establish the business to various geographies.

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Never the less, WeVysya supports business individuals by various programs to enhance the capabilities, we organize trainings, workshops, coffee connects, online market place, business directories etc. Our group is backed by Eminent Personalities of our Community, they all are driving with us with a single to moto to empower our community. We always believe in "Individually we are a drop but together we are an ocean".

We are now connected with our community members all over the Globe, a new horizon of entrepreneurs mutually building a strong network.

Let's join our hands together to bring Positive transformation in our business

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Objectives Of Wevysya
  1. To recognise and encourage our members to promote each other

  2. To channelise the intellectual prowess of the members of the community.

  3. To celebrate the achievers and winners in the community

  4. To encourage and motivate younger members of the community

  5. To network with leading members of the community living across the world and India

  6. To strive for and professionalise the thinking process of members of the community

  7. To build partnerships and relationships amongst members of the community

  8. To pursue learning and growth

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