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Nuggets Session: Business Negotiations with WeVysya Members

The session can be delved into various aspects of negotiating effectively within our organization, ensuring that business practices remain fair and beneficial for all members. Here are the key points covered:

1. Dealing with Higher Prices from Known Persons:

Have you ever encountered a situation where a known person charges more than the market price or the actual price?

It's a common scenario that can lead to discomfort in negotiations. The key takeaway is to address this issue openly and ensure that prices remain competitive.

2. Comparing Quotes without Hesitation:

We emphasized the importance of not feeling shy or hesitant to compare quotes from other sources with those provided by our members. This practice ensures transparency and helps maintain trust within our community.

3. Keeping Business Within the Organization:

Feel free to compare competitor prices and make sure that business transactions remain within our WeVysya. By doing so, we strengthen our community and support each other's growth.

4. The Impact of Pricing on Order Frequency:

If a member's price is higher than the market rate, the likelihood of receiving repeat orders diminishes. Conversely, offering competitive and fair prices can lead to lifelong business relationships. The goal is to ensure that pricing strategies foster long-term partnerships rather than one-time transactions.

5. Comparing Specifications, Not Just Prices:

It's crucial to compare product or service specifications thoroughly before making a decision based solely on price. Specifications often play a significant role in determining the true value of a business deal.

6. Supporting Each Other, Even for Small Amounts:

Even if the price difference is as small as ₹100, we should make an effort to keep business within our community. Every transaction, regardless of size, contributes to the overall strength and unity of WeVysya.

In conclusion, the session underscored the importance of fair negotiations, transparency, and community support.

By adhering to these principles, we can ensure that business within WeVysya remains robust and mutually beneficial.

Let's continue to build a strong, supportive, and thriving business network together.


Anil Guptha

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