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April 21st, 7:30AM @
Holiday Inn Bangalore


WeVysya strongly applies the maxim “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. Hence, the entrepreneurs & business community is here together, as one able platform that helps you to network, collaborate and grow. Our members have years of industry or business experience and extensive expertise that reiterate the fact that they provide the best-in-class products and services for all

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Our Mission is to empower entrepreneurs to succeed in their own terms by establishing ourselves as the best business group across the globe


Our vision is to shape the future of the entrepreneurs who are being associated with us by providing them the great opportunities for development, developing valuable connections, and perhaps smoothing the success of member through career growth and business.

  • We work Professionally with Business ethics.

  • We always exhange links to grow mutually among our members.

  • We regularly meetup to discuss on various strategies for business expansion for our members.

  • What is WeVysya?
    WeVysya is a network of Arya Vysya business owners who helps each other in our community to succeed in their establishment. We provide a platform for entrepreneurs to introduce their Products and Services to a larger group and establish the business to various geographies
  • Why should I join?
    To strengthen your business end to end which includes links, advice, resources, access to events, training & development , advocacy, grants & funding, business assessments and communications.
  • What next after joining?
    WeVysya organizes regular meetings where our members can interact and network with each other.
  • Will I surely get business?
    It depends on active participation, products and services offered, however we do not guarantee any business.
  • Should I attend meetings regularly? If I miss, will I lose my membership?"
    Yes, Attendance plays a crucial role and we believe in growing together, however if attendance is less as per policy, A new person from the same category will be allowed.
  • Validity of membership?
    1 year from the date of registration.
  • Will I get financial support from WeVysya?
    One of our objective is Grants & funding, we help to connect with Angel investors, VCs and Banks.
  • Are there any hidden charges?
    No hidden charges as such, except registration fee and membership fee.
  • What is the eligibility criteria?
    Any Arya Vysya entrepreneur who runs a business on his own and without any criminal background can apply, however membership is subject to approval.
  • If i can't attend meetings can someone else on my behalf attend?
    Yes, as per substitution policy a replacement is allowed when a member cannot attend due to important reasons.
  • Do we have regular meetings?
    Yes every house will have regular meetings 15 days once.


Our Members Say


“It's really more than what I bargained in my life, WeVysya a truly wonderful gift to my family and me"

Sivakanth Kandula

“WeVysya is my breath and the one platform which extracts the talent and builds the leadership of every member.

Unnathi Supreeth
arun donthi.jpeg

“When you’re an entrepreneur focused on your growth, WeVysya is the best platform to generate more business"

Arun Donthi
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